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Medical evacuations, within Angola, by Helicopter or fixed wing, back to an appropriate media facility.

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Medline strongly believes that professional medical staffing for any project can be key factor to the success of your company. Outsourcing this function is by far the best option for companies operating outside the Health sector. This enables them to focus on their core business, leaving the medical personnel aspect of strategic management in the hands of a qualified professional team.

Description of the program
Through our partnerships with the multinational Medicsearch we can offer:

  • highly qualified health professional for your project
  • assume responsibility for all the associated administration
  • provide medical support for a senior coordinating doctor Mona 24/7 basis at our contact centre

Outsourcing this aspect of your business will also provide you with access to our:

In Angola both services often prove to be logistical nightmares. medicsearch, currently has the largest database of international medical professionals in the diaspora, all of whom are willing to return to their country of origin to participate in projects.

Personnel - most candidates on the database originate from PALOPS/CPLP trained in Europe, Brazil and SOuth AFrica. Most have expatriate experience and are bilingual.

Mobilisation - Will be dependant upon the professional profile required, specialist skills and location of the project. It is anticipated that the time frame from application to placing will vary from between 5 days to 3 weeks.

Call Centre - Once placed, our remote site professionals will ave 24 hour access to a senior doctor based at the Call Centre, to consult and discuss cases which maybe problematic.

Advantage of the program:-

  • Significantly decrease clients personnel administration costs
  • Immediate staff replacements in the event of emergencies such as illness or if required to do so by client
  • Greater contractual flexibility

All medical and civil liability is 100% assumed by MEDLine / Medicsearch, which protects the client from and potential lawsuits.

Our clients derive benefits from the experiences partnership between MEDLine . Medicsearch, which provides access to appropriately qualified professionals through a continual worldwide recruiting process.

The personal development plan (PDP), career management and continuing medical education (CME) of each medical professional remains our responsibility.



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